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With an Evil Extractor license, you unlock a range of exclusive benefits:

• Unlimited Control of Devices

Seamlessly connect and administer an unlimited number of remote devices simultaneously using Evil Extractor’s advanced RAT Mode.

• Remote Access

Access all the extracted logs remotely from any location, enabling you to stay informed and monitor activity even when you’re away.

• Access Private Videos

Gain instant access to our exclusive collection of private videos, covering advanced techniques like extension spoofing and bypassing Gmail attachments.

• Timely Updates

Receive immediate software updates upon entering your license key, ensuring you have the latest features and enhancements.

• Instant License Activation

Upon completing your order, you will instantly receive your license key, allowing for immediate activation without any delays.


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24 reviews for Evil Extractor

  1. Null

    Product 10/10: The product itself is amazing. All features worked correctly, it was extremely easy to use and setup (which I was not expecting) and it literally explained everything I needed to do, step by step. 100% worth it, people will definitely be making tons of money with this product once they purchase it.

    Price 10/10: The price for the product is amazing, I would actually list it for more personally. This program was insanely good, and I really recommend it especially for the price.

    Kodex is extremely helpful and friendly and I didn’t feel uncomfortable asking them any questions, no matter how stupid it might’ve been. Again, I highly recommend this product. 100%.

  2. Heydin

    I have to say, it’s a great tool and does exactly as described. And I had a lot of fun playing around with it. Kodex is very friendly and responsive and would help you out with probably everything you need. However, the tool is so simple to use, I doubt you will need him anyway. On top of that Kodex delivered a REALLY detailed installation and usage guide making it even easier to get up and running.

    For now, Evil Extractor is completely FUD as Kodex said and bypasses WD on both fully updated Win 10 and Win 11 boxes.
    Stub size is around 50 kb if you add all features in 1 which is great! In my honest opinion, 165$ for 3 months is a bit pricey though, however you will get a great tool in return. But nonetheless an amazing product, simple to use and maintained by a great guy!

  3. phinV

    Product and Price 10/10

    Love Man 10/10

    Support 10/10

    Definitely the best software you can get. You can reach him 24/7 and provide you with unlimited support.
    You can get help even with the smallest problems, but don’t worry, the program is very easy. He is a top quality person.

    Thank you for everything.

  4. 0696220993b

    I made a lot of purchases on the internet, this is the first time I see very good customer service, the program also works perfectly, thank you very much.

  5. queenalicia45

    Just amazing. This is a very good tool. Recommended.

  6. aff2paying

    High quality, effective and easily control target PC. I highly recommend this Evil Extractor to everyone!

  7. velcro63

    Absolute legend. Walked me though everything I needed to know to use this insane extractor. Would recommend.

  8. Deman0

    I purchased the Evil Extractor when it was 2.2 and now with 2.3 update, it has never disappointed in anyway (Good product). Support by the owner has been very friendly and patient enough to help in anyways. Guys go get yours and enjoy this product.

    Thanks mate.

  9. srQ

    He took his free time and was always friendly helpful and inspiring. He truly knows what he’s doing here, I never was more happy as a customer. The Evil Extractor itself is a insanely well made RAT. It’s easy to use and also a real danger ! One of the only times I’ve experienced that’s the product, support and price are all 10/10. I Highly recommend getting in contact with Kodex if you still unsure about buying. I Not only found a well made product, I also found a new friend and that is the only thing that is better than the product itself. I Really appreciate you for putting hours into me for answering my questions and helping me with the setup. +UHQ

  10. allison666

    Very professional seller, and helps out if you have problems. Fast as a lightning to help +++++

  11. xenoblaze

    Best software, I strongly validate, the seller and there if needed, quite intuitive, I recommend!!

  12. lubu4

    Great customer service, great software! I highly recommend.

  13. jj892022

    Really good work and excited to test the upcoming updates 🙂

  14. UwUTheDog

    Bought Diamond Package process was seamless and easy as I am a total beginner with all of this had a ton of questions and Kodex politely answered all of them and took me through step by step giving me an amazing service and an amazing product!

    KODEX is a legend Thanks again mate!

  15. Biacc

    There is nothing to say, #1 in the market!

  16. reggieOG01

    Kodex is extremely helpful and answered all my questions quickly! Great software that should be selling for 10x the price. cheers brother!

  17. lesnos

    Bought 3 months, had few issues at first but support was extremely helpful and explained me everything and updated a fix in a matter of hours, +recommended

  18. Buddy (verified owner)

    Evil Extractor may be new, but its already the GOAT of similar software. The flexibility to create a RAT payload, or one shot, or Ransomware can’t be beat. Doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a noob this software will work for you. Also, the customer service is unbelievable. When you send in a request to support the acknowledgment message says that staff will answer in 24 hours. I have had several occasions to contact support, and each time the response time was under 2 hours. This software is pure genius. The staff are the best. Don’t miss the bus and order you subscription today.

  19. Alex Ziggy (verified owner)

    I just purchased evil extractor today after 2 months of close monitoring and I must say I’m delighted and happy at the simplicity offered by kodex. At some point some people gave a bad review on hack forum about evil extractor and kodex. I took it upon myself to ask him his opinion and he explained everything to me. This is the best software I have seen so far and I must say I’m really impressed at what I got today.

  20. Tee (verified owner)

    Great software, easy to use, fast and enthusiastic support admin team, 5 star rating

  21. N’Goran (verified owner)

    Hello to you very dear kodex community, I am extremely satisfied with the Evil extractor tool, it meets all my needs, and especially at the moment I am very happy because the Evil extractor tool has been remastered, its finesse, its cryptographies, the functionalities that it presents are just incredible, I even recommended it to all My colleagues in cybersecurity who have all purchased, frankly I recommend it to you for educational reasons, it is really an incredible tool, and it has been my best tool investment. well done to the kodex company

  22. Daphne Blake

    Hands down, best extractor ever. Everything is included in one package & the customer support is AMAZING. Great job guys!! 🙂 I only wish my company could partner with you guys!! XD

  23. huanhuan (verified owner)

    Very satisfied, very professional, careful and patient guidance, this is the first time I meet such a good seller, please feel free to buy

  24. Zeeshy (verified owner)

    Very honest seller best seller I have came across he is very kind helpful and this is the best software ever I will come back again and I will get more stuff of this honest seller thanks again very happy with what I received will be back.

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